A Pluckley Ghost Walk. Englands Most Haunted Village

Pluckley England's Most Haunted Village. A Ghost Tour.
This haunted tour takes you away from London and out into the lush Kent countryside to visit Pluckley England's Most Haunted Village. Ghosts galore await you on this decidedly different one of our ghost walks.
Haunted Kent, Pluckley.
Your tour of haunted Pluckley begins with the ghosts that haunt the villages St Nicholas Church.
Most Haunted Village In England.
Your tour around the Most Haunted Village in England continues to Rose Court to tell of a long ago love affair that have left two ghosts trapped in limbo in the village of Pluckley in kent.
Ghosts of Pluckley in Haunted Kent
Your tour in search of the ghosts of Pluckley in kent takes you to the tiny Bridge where the ghost of an old woman is sometimes seen. It then continues to fright corner to tell the tale of a highwayman who fought for his life at this corner. But don't dally too long because over the road lies Screaming Wood!
The Perfect Spot For Halloween.
What better place to dally on Halloween than Screaming Wood, one of Pluckley's most ahunted locations. Of course you can then recover your nerves with a well earned cup of tea at The Blacksmith's Forge Tea Room. But be warned it too has a ghost!
The ghosts of Pluckley in Kent
The great ghost tour of Pluckley in kent continues with a stroll down Dick Buss's Lane to uncover the storey behind a long ago suicide. It then twists back into the village to hear more of the ghost stories from this truly haunted viallage.
Black Horse Inn Pluckley
The final section of your actual walk around Pluckley takes you to the Black Horse Inn and tells of the ghosts that haunt it.
Ghosts of Pluckley The Most Haunted Village in England
One final ghost story from the most haunted village in England takes you across the kent countryside to vist the very atmopsheric Elvey Farm Country Hotel.