A London Ghost Walk

With a history dating back hundreds and hundreds of years, is it any wonder that London is rich in haunted sites and ghoulish apparitions? These walks will take you on the trail of the sinister, the macabre, and the paranormal of Britains premier city.

London Ghost Tours and the famous Jack the Ripper Tours
Lonodn ghost tours offer a journey into the darker side of London's history
Haunted tour London
This atmospheric ghost walk takes you through the historic streets of the old city. It threads its mysterious way through some of London's most hidden and atmopheric places.
Haunted London. Ghosts Hauntings.
Your haunted London tour continues with the ghosts hauntings that are seen around the Bank of England.
Ghosts of London. Haunted Walks.
The ghosts of London take you to the dead centre of the Old city to hear tales of the ghost that walks there. You will also visit the church of St Mary-le-Bow to hear of a curse that once afflicted it.
Haunted Places in London
The haunted places of London continues with a visit to the tucked away and deliciously sinister Wood Street Compter.
The haunting of St Paul's Cathedral. Ghost Tours.
Our haunted London tour continues on this truly unique one of our London Walks to visit St Paul's Cathedral and here of its ghostly resident.
haunted London Richard Jones historic tours.
Entering the wonderful and histroic streets of Blackfriars your ghost tour of old London visits the Church of St Andrew's By the Wardrobe to here the tales of its most haunted bell.
London ghost walks
The london ghost walks continue by uncovering the sinister and gruesome history of Amen Court. We tale the sinister tale of the Black Dog of Newgate and reveal the notorious story of Mrs Amelia Dyer the notorious REading Baby Farmer.
Ghosts of London. Haunted Pubs.
Just opposite the Old Bailey in central London there stands the Viaduct Tavern one of London's most haunted pubs.
True Ghost Stories The Cock Lane Ghost Scratching Fanny
You journey through Haunted London continues with a look at the ghost story that is perhaps one of London's most haunted and famous ghost stories 'Scratching Fanny of Cock Lane.'
Real Ghosts Most Haunted
The real ghosts of London introduce what must surely be on of the most unusual haunted places in London the hopsital of St Bartholomew where a ghostyl lift is just one of several supernatural phenomenon to chill the blood of those who work here.
Ghosts of London William Wallace
We continue our tour of the ghosts of London by visiting West Smithfield where William Wallace was executed and where the ghosts of those who were once executed here still hang around in the ether.
Ghost Hunters True Hauntings
Your journey through haunted London continues with a wonderful surprise for intrepid ghost hunters as we visit the oldest parish church in London and find ourselves pitched back to the 12th century.
Ghost Stories haunted pub
Your journey through London's most ahunted places continues with the ghost stories that surround a delightful old pub.
Tours of Haunted London. Charterhouse and Haunted Pubs.
The final seciton of your journey through haunted London takes you to two haunted pubs and gives you the opportunity to visit one of London's hidden, haunted gems The Charterhouse. Here you can encounter a more tradional haunted house with a resident ghost who walks around with his head tucked neatly under his arm!