Haunted tour London



Starting Point: Bank Underground Station

This ghost tour can be done at anytime, although its is best done on a weekend night when the City of London is eerily empty of its working populace and you really do have th streets and darker alleyways to yourself. This atmospheric haunted tour of London begins at the historic hub of London and even starts at a haunted Underground Station.

Bank Underground sits at the historic hub of the City of London, surrounded by such venerable institutions as the Bank of England, the Royal Exchange, and the Mansion House, which is the home of the Lord Mayor throughout his year in office. In addition to its being an extremely busy station, it is also haunted. It is the maintenance workers whose unenviable task it is to attempt to keep the Central Line running, who have most often experienced the supernatural activity here in the early hours of some mornings. As they have worked away, they have suddenly been overcome by a foul stench (“like the smell of an open grave” is how one employee described it), and in its wake there comes a dreadful feeling of foreboding and melancholy. It is thought to be connected with the fact that the next station along, Liverpool Street, is thought to have been built on the site of a 17th century plague pit. Is it possible that something from all those decomposing bodies that were buried together has impregnated the soil roundabouts, and when conditions are right does some form of miasma steep down into the tunnel and drift towards Bank Station to afflict the nostrils and the sensibilities of the London Underground maintenance workers?