Ghost Stories haunted pub


Exit the church and go out through the main gate ahead. Turn right, then take the first right into Cloth Fair. Keep ahead until on the left you arrive at:-



The Rising Sun. This cosy and traditional 18th century hostelry that lay derelict and empty for much of the 20th century until, in 1984, Tadcaster brewer, Samuel Smith, purchased and refurbished the building. Its proximity to St Bartholomew’s Hospital has led to a local tradition that, in the early 19th century, a gang of body snatchers used the pub as a meeting place and later a hunting ground, for cadavers with which to supply the research needs of doctors. Whether there is any truth in the rumour that this dastardly band would replenish their merchandise by drugging and murdering patrons of the Rising Sun is debatable. But what is certain is that some long ago act of infamy has left a psychic stain upon the pubs ethereal plain and managers and staff have over the years, encountered several ghosts. Two Brazilian barmaids who worked here in 1989 and lived in, would often be woken in the early hours, by “presence” that would sit on the end of their beds, and which would, occasionally, slowly tug the bed clothes off them. Several bar men who have been cleaning up in the downstairs bar late at night, have been disturbed by the distinct sounds of footsteps running across the floor of the upstairs bar. However, when they went to investigate, the room was always empty. Finally, in 1990, the then landlady, was enjoying a shower in the staff bathroom one summer’s afternoon, when she though she heard the bathroom door open and close. The next moment, the shower curtain was pulled slowly aside and an ice-cold hand ran down her back. She turned quickly, but found the that she was alone.