Dickens in Southwark

A Charles Dickens Walk In Southwark. Biography of Charles Dickens.
On the next of our London walks we take you over London Bridge into the streets of Southwark to follow in the footsteps of Charles Dickens. This is the area of Little Dorrit, David Copperfield and a host of other immortal characters. The walk also gives you the opportunity to visit the Old Operating Theatre, a true time capsule, and a gem of bygone London, The George Inn shich was built in 1677 and which is London's only surviving galleried coaching inn.
Oliver Twist. London Bridge, Great Fire of London, The Monument, Dickens London Tour.
Your journey around the Southwark that Charles Dickens knew begins by visiting the Monument to the Great Fire of London. It then visits a delightful church before crossing London Bridge to enter Southwark and see a site featured in Charles Dickens Oliver Twist.
Southwark Cathedral, Walking Tour of London, Pickwick Papers, Dickens London Tour.
In the second part of your tour into Dickens's Southwark we delve into Southwark Cathedral to hear of its Dickensian associations, and then enter Borough Market to learn of how it features in Pickwick Papers.
Old Operating Theatre Southwark, London Sightseeing Tour, The George Inn.
From the Borough Market in Southwark you follow in the footsteps of Charles Dickens to the Old Operating Theatre in Southwark, a wonderful Victorian time capsule. Then we journey down Borough High Street to see the site of the White Hart Inn, mentioned by Dickens in Pickwick Papers, and stop to absorb the ambience at the George Inn, London's only surviving galleried coaching nn. London Walks don't get any better than this.
Little Dorritt. Marshalsea Debtors Prison. London Walking Tour.
Our highly original London Walks take you to the site of the Marshalsea Prison. It was here that Charles Dickens father, John was imprisoned for debt with profound consequences for the young Dickens. He later immortalised it in Little Dorrit.
Charles Dickens. Public Executions. David Copperfield.
The final section of your walk in Dickens's Southwark will take you via the site of the Horsemonger Lane Gaol and also features a look at David Copperfield. Finally we discuss Charles Dickens unhappy childhood during the dark days when his father was imprisoned in the Marshalsea Debtors Prison.