The Secret City

Walks through the secret London you never knew existed. One of the most intriguing, exciting and informative tours you can take. Even most Londoners are not aware of some of these places and sights. A must for any discerning tourist.

Richard's favourite London walks - The Secret City.
Hidden away behind the busy streets and main thoroughfares of the old city of London there exists a secret city of narrow alleyways, timber-framed buildings and hidden courtyards. On this one of our highly original tours you will enjoy a London walk that will enable you to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the 21st century and step into this bygone world to visit places that have changed little in over a hundred years.
Tower of London. Sightseeing Tour of London.
In this section of your sightseeing tour of London you will gaze over at the Tower of London before setting off to discover a wonderfully hidden away church Charles Dickens called "St Ghastly Grim."
Charles Dickens. Royal Exchange. London Tours. Leadenhall Market. Diagon Alley.
Your journey through secret London continues with a visit to Victorian London's most beautiful market, which has been fetaured in the Harry Potter films as Diagon Alley. You will also learn a little of Charles Dickens Biography and visit the Royal Exchange.
London Surrounding Walks. St Stephen's Walbrook.
Your london surrounding walks continue with a look at the wonderful church of St Stephen's Walbrook.
Temple of Mithras. London Sightseeing Tour. Roman London.
Your sightseeing tour of London continues with a visit to the remants of the Temple of Mithras a true survivor from the days of Roman London.
London walks and tours. St Paul's Cathedral. Sir Christopher Wren.
These free London walks now continue into a warren of old and atmospheric alleyways that lie at the heart of the old City of London. You will see a pub that was built by Sir Christopher Wren in 1666 and discover the site of the former home of the Lord Mayors of London.
Pocahontas. Captain John Smith. Free London Tour.
We continue our tour of the hidden and secret streets of London by viewing a statue of Captain John Smith. Here we tell the story of his meeting withPocahontas and tell here story after Smith returned to London.
Cockney. Bow Bells. St Mary-le-Bow. St Thomas Becket.
Our London Walks take you to the church of St Mary-le-Bow where we talk of the famous Bow Bells. An authentic cockney is someone who is born within the sound of these Bow Bells. We then continue along Cheapside to see the site where Thomas a Becket was born.
Benjamin Disraeli. City of London. Guildhall. Gog and Magog. London Walking Tour.
The next section of your walk through secret London uncoveres a delightfully hidden away courtyard where the flamboyant Victorian politician and author Benjamin Disraeli worked for a time. You will also visit the City of London's art gallery and step inside the medieval palace of London - Guildhall.
William Shakespeare. Winston Churchill. Roman London.
We continue our journey into the secret streets of hidden London by stepping into a tranquil garden to see a memorial to the two men who were behind the publication of the first folio of William Shakespeare's plays in 1623.We pass the City of London Police Station and end by gazing down on a Roman fort a true survivor from the days of Roman London.
Great Expectations. Museum of London. A Tale of Two Cities. Little Britain.
As your Secret City Walk progresses, you have the opportunity to pay a visit to the absolutely wonderful Museum of London to see its treasures, may of which were found at the sites covered by our London Walks. We also stray into Little Britain, featured in Charles Dickens Great Expectations. The highlight of the walk, however, is undoubtedly the Wall of Heroes.
St Bartholomew the Great. Bartholomew Fair. London Walking tours London Sightseeing Tours.
Your London Sighseeing tour continues into the oldest parish church in London the Priory Church of St Bartholomew the great which dates back to 1123. We then step into Cloth Fair to hear the history of Bartholomew Fair immortalised by Ben Jonson in his play of that name.
Sir John Betjeman. Great Fire of London. Landmark Trust.
This part of the Secret City Walk takes along Cloth Fair and shows you a building that survived the Great Fire of London. It also takes in the place where Sir John Betjeman lived until 1971, a place now owned by the Landmark Trust.
William Wallace. Braveheart.
Your tour through secret London takes you to Smithfield to view the memorial plaque to the Scottish patriot Sir William Wallace - Braveheart himself. It also discusses the other executions here when people were burnt at the stake on what was then called the Smoothfield.
London walks and tours, Sighsteeing, St Bartholomew's Hospital.
We continue with a visit to the Church of St Bartholomew the less, the parish church of Barts Hospital. We also visit the hopsital's museum before discussing one of artist William Hogarth's more intriguing achievments.
Great Fire of London. Cock Lane Ghost. Haunted London. Scratching Fanny of Cock Lane.
This penultimate section of your secret city walk visits the spot where the Great Fire of London burnt itself out in 1666 and uncovers the monument put up to commemorate what was seen as God's punishment on the City of London. We then tell the story of the Cock lane Ghost, rpoviding an insight into a long ago event in haunted London.
Newgate Prison. Old Bailey. London Walking Tours. Sightseeing in London.
This final section of the Secert City one of our Lonodn Walks takes you to a watchouse built to deter the Bodysnatchers; takes you to the church of the Holy Sepulchre and visits the site of Newgate Prison.